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in gratitude

in gratitude (1)…for early mornings.

…for the late sounds of summer.

in gratitude (2)…for nature’s beauty.

…for knowing that simplicity is buried in the chaos.

in gratitude (3)…for letting go of all that didn’t happen for this growing season.

…for throwing around new plans for the next growing season.

in gratitude (4)…for explosive and captivating creativity (aka. a huge mess).

…for my one child who is always easy and reliable to go right to sleep at bed time.

in gratitude (5)…for these last couple weeks, and not quite being ready, and letting go of that.

…for embracing the circle of seasons, knowing that fall and winter are just a part of it.

in gratitude

in gratitude (1)…for alone and silence and space to wander.

…for raindrops.

in gratitude (2)…for a certain two year old who is now potty trained.

…for the thin line between longing and freedom over silly things like diapers.

in gratitude (3)…for trying new things.

…for the small reminders that we are to stay strong in difficult situations.

in gratitude (4)…for butter and honey on toast at midnight.

…for cardboard airplanes and helmets.

in gratitude (5)…for my girls and our 5K race adventure over the weekend.

…for my love of running and getting to share that with my kids; and for my biggest girl who is pulling me back into the swing of things.