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in gratitude

in gratitude (1)…for my children and how they seamlessly blend together.

…for blue skies.

in gratitude (2)…for the times I can capture all five in one frame.

…for figuring.

in gratitude (3)…for paper air planes and dance parties in the car.

…for that feeling when I take a deep breath where my heart feels full.

in gratitude (4)…for friends who care.

…for friends who talk for hours.

in gratitude (5)…for the return of the almighty green smoothie to our daily routine.

…for trying the best I can.

gone fishing

Lately, my mind has been wandering; wandering all over the place it seems. I’ve been busy with life and shuffling all my people here and there and every place in between. Which apparently, in the process, scatters my thoughts all over the place. In fact, I lose them all together on most days I am pretty sure. We have started “school” and classes and extracurricular activities…you know, the general school year swing of things. This may (or may not) coincide in a benefiting way with my scattered thoughts. Hmn.

gone fishing (1) gone fishing (2) gone fishing (3) gone fishing (4)This year looks much different then any previous homeschooling year has for us. It is much busier; much more involved; complicated even, especially when I am required to pick up more then one person at different locations at the same time. (Luckily, I can clone myself. Well, not really.) Luckily, everything that my kids are involved in seems to be in very close proximity to the next thing. In the end, somehow it works out. In the end, somehow I am kinda tired out. I sound like a broken record. I know. I guess if anything, someday when my children or I are reading back through my words here, I will be able to stop and remember what it felt like to be the mother of five children…exhausted.

gone fishing (5) gone fishing (6) gone fishing (7) gone fishing (8)Some days I wonder what the heck I am doing, trying to figure out what exactly I am trying to do…and even though I think I just wrote the same thing twice, I still cannot figure out the answer. Lately, I have been feeling quite okay with that; telling my little (and big) people very frankly, that I just don’t know the answer…or have the answer to their question(s). And quite honestly, it’s because I do not have the mental space available to try to figure things out for anyone other then myself right now. My brain is filled to the brim to it’s max capacity. Even as a mother, who naturally wants to be able to answer all my children’s questions…I still find myself telling them, I just don’t know.

gone fishing (9) gone fishing (10) gone fishing (11) gone fishing (12)One day a few weeks ago, Hawthorn wanted to go fishing. So we visited one of our favorite places down the road and fished, and sat, climbed trees, raced barefoot, climbed up to the dam and found “mo-sheens” (in other words, “more machines”, which is what Sorrel was referring to the frisbee golf nets as. We brought the dog, which is extremely rare for us to do these days since we have to cram into our vehicle enough as it is without the dog. But she was more then happy to be along for the adventure.

gone fishing (13) gone fishing (14) gone fishing (15) gone fishing (16) gone fishing (17)The message that kept coming to me the entire time we were there…is that it doesn’t matter if a person ever catches any fish…it doesn’t matter if a person even knows how to put the weighs and bobble thingy on the damn fishing string…instead…the only thing that matters in the whole wide world…is that a person can enjoy them self…that they are able to enjoy the process of doing rather then knowing. And that’s where I am at and need to be reminded each and everyday. My kids are great at giving me these types of reminders! And for that I am eternally grateful.

gone fishing (18) gone fishing (19) gone fishing (20) gone fishing (21) gone fishing (22)It’s find of ironic, or maybe not, that very often my words remind me of words I have written before. This post reminds me so much of my most recent published article in Pathways to Family Wellness titled, Letting Go. In fact, the magazine just arrived in my mailbox yesterday. So I will leave you with a quote from it, because every time I read it, it makes me get all teary, which signifies to me there are great lessons to behold in certain areas of my self.

“Life brings us an abundance of learning opportunities, each and every day. Sometimes the lessons are peaceful, while other times they are filled with chaos. I know that part of my lesson in letting go is finding peace within the chaos.”

Because I know, deep down, that it’s all about how I choose to live each and every one of my days. And how I know how to deal. Being outside with my family is like medicine to me. I love to just sit back and observe all that my children show me. They have a lot to teach me, and I have a lot to learn.